Youth Summit Project on the go!

03 November 2021


The Youth Summit Project is on the go and we are happy to announce that the meetings of working groups have been fruitful. We cannot wait to share our results with you on the 6th December in Katowice!

Although we quieted down for a moment, we didn't slow down for a moment! 81 selected people are currently to participating in the project and are divided into the working groups, Among which there are groups devoted to various topics, such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, universal access and meaningful connectivity, privacy and data protection, environmental sustainability and climate change etc. 

The participants represent all stakeholder groups including government, Intergovernmental, private sector, civil society, and the technical community.

They also represent all the regions: Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), Africa, North America, Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe.

The working group members will present their final outcome during the Youth Summit on Day 0 of the 2021 IGF. This event (Youth Summit) is open to all the community to participate.


To participate in the IGF 2021 remember to register at

See you in Katowice!